Pods Swimming teaches our students more than just swimming-- we teach our students a foundation for life. Our curriculum, teacher training, and evaluation system are all designed to provide a total “aquatic education.” Pods is proud to use the curriculum developed by A. Broido Consulting which has been refined over their 40 years of proven success teaching students of all ages.


Our goal for all programs is to teach water safety and instill in all students a love for the water. Our technique to achieve water safety is to teach all of our students to “live in the water.” Many students begin our program already water safe, but will do what we call "panic swimming." When a student truly learns to “live in the water,” the strokes come easily. We find that the more a child enjoys the lessons, the more successful the learning process is.


*OUR PROGRAM IS A CONTINUOUS PROGRAM. Therefore, once you have signed up for lessons, you will stay enrolled until you inform us that you are discontinuing lessons. Tuition for group lessons is $88 a month for a 30 minute lesson once a week. This is based on a four- week month and will be adjusted for extra days that fall on your swim day or for any holidays (for example, if there is a 5th week on the day that you swim, you will be charged $110 instead of $88). There is also a $35 annual family membership fee.


PODS SWIMMING PARENT HANDBOOK: For more information regarding our swim lesson program, policies and procedures.