If a student is NOT toilet trained or has been toilet trained for less than six months, he/she must wear a reusable swim diaper. The reusable swim diaper must pass the two finger test: if two fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water. Disposable swim diapers do not pass the Board of Health Code for public pools. Pods Swimming has reusable swim diapers for sale at the swim school store for $13.


    Any refund requests will be reviewed and decided upon by Pods management. If you wish to drop a swimmer from lessons you must notify the school by the 5th of the preceding month. You must complete an online WITHDRAWAL FORM. *Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes whether or not your student attends class until the time you notify the staff via the withdrawal form. Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that he/she will no longer be attending classes. If a student stops coming to class without notification then that student's account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student's place in that class instead of offering that place to one of the many on a waiting list.


    Since many of our lessons run consecutively there may not always be time before or after your student’s lesson to speak directly with the swim instructor. If you’re interested in communicating with your child’s instructor, please stop by the reception area and a staff member will be sure to pass on your request for a consultation. Pods Swimming realizes the importance of maintaining the consistency of our swim instructors when working with our students. We will do our best to minimize staffing changes, but unfortunately, there may be times when your student’s swim instructor may not be available. If an instructor is absent, Pods Swimming reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher of equal or greater qualifications without prior notice. Please be open-minded about new instructors/substitutes so that your student will be as well. All swim instructors are trained in the same curriculum; therefore, swimming with a different instructor will not hinder your child’s progress.


    Please ensure that your student(s) arrive 5 minutes prior (no earlier please) to the designated start time and location of their lesson. For your convenience and everyone’s safety, we ask adults to watch from the designated viewing area. We do not allow parents or guardians on the deck during lessons, as it must remain clear at all times. After the deck supervisor has checked in your child, head to the viewing area, get comfortable, and relax! We do ask you to remain in this area for the duration of the lesson. Pods staff will not escort children to the restroom; rather, the instructor will call over the deck supervisor to take the child to their parent to go to the restroom.


    *The rules are to be followed by everyone in the pool area at all times.

    • NO running or horseplay
    • NO children are allowed in pool area unsupervised
    • Adults and children not participating are to remain in designated viewing area
    • NO glass containers around pool area
    • Reusable swim diapers must be worn by any child who isn't potty trained or who is newly potty trained
    • NO diaper changing in pool area. Please use tables available in changing area.
    • NO smoking in pool area or anywhere in our facility
    • Spitting, biting and hitting will not be tolerated
    • In case of EMERGENCY, CALL 911

    Pods Swimming is proud of our start of art facility and we ask that student(s), parents, guardians, and/or all other parties to respect and clean up after themselves.

    Pods Swimming also does not permit the following on premises: smoking; use of glass containers in the pool area; profanity; alcohol; and pets. All parties will have access to our bathroom facilitates although there will be only certain bathrooms designated for non-students use. When showering we ask that you respect the environment and limit shower durations to an acceptable period of time.


    Photos and videos are occasionally taken at Pods Swimming and are used for Pods Swimming publicity purposes and  purposes, including on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. If you do not want your child's photo or video used, please indicate this on your registration form.


    The Pods Swimming Aquatic Center  is under video surveillance. Pods Swimming is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lockers are available. Please bring your own lock and take all belongings after each use. All misplaced items will be kept on site for two weeks and held in the main office in our lost and found.


    We will be alerting customers of emergency closures via email.  If a cell phone number is on file, we will attempt to send a text message alert, but we are currently prioritizing email for this communication.


    If we need to cancel due to inclement weather, we will do so in 30 minute increments. We will do our best to contact you via email. If you have not heard from us, it is best to arrive. If you choose not to come to your lesson because of bad weather and we have not canceled, we will not reschedule the lesson.


    Pods Swimming teaches our lessons year round (including on school holidays), with the   exception of Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  Each month, Pods Swimming will disclose any additional dates that we will be closed.

    Your accounts will not be charged for any days that the facility is closed. Pods Swimming understands that prolonged vacations or extended absences due to illness or other reasons may occur. Due to the nature of our billing cycles, we will allow you to have the option of suspending your lessons and re-booking them upon your return. Please note that Pods Swimming cannot guarantee that your same day/time/teacher will be available when you return from prolonged or extended absences.


    If  you would like to change your child's swim class, please use this LINK to request a specific class. You may also request a class change by emailing Jamie at: jamie.pascale@podsswimming.com.


We do not encourage make-ups because make ups affect the integrity of the class. However, we realize that it is sometimes impossible to attend your regular schedule class.  In order to meet our commitment to provide timely, quality service to all of our customers, we must strictly enforce our policies. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.






  • One make-up class for each class per week per month period may be scheduled. **You must report an absence on the Pods portal 2 hours in advanced of class to receive a make-up.** Additional make-ups may be scheduled for $5.
  • Make-up lessons will be honored for one month.
  • Absences may not be credited to the next month’s tuition. If two or more lessons have been canceled due to weather and are less than one month old, you may request a credit to your Pods Swimming account to be used the following month.
  • We DO NOT guarantee the same teacher, time or student ratio for group lesson make-ups.
  • Special make-up classes may be created as needed.
  • Make-ups cannot be rescheduled. We DO NOT make up a make-up! You may attend our Family Swim if you are unable to schedule a make-up class that suits your schedule.



If you know in advance that your child will miss a number of lessons, or if your child will be out for an extended time due to illness, we recommend that you suspend your lessons. No refunds will be issued. If you suspend your lessons for any reason, we cannot guarantee the same swim schedule or instructor when you are ready to return. We will do our best to accommodate you. However, some instructors and certain hours are more in demand and it may become more difficult to find an open spot in these classes.